Great British Bake Off: Winter Kitchen

Great British Bake Off: Winter Kitchen

Great British Bake Off: Winter Kitchen

Winter is a chance to sustain, when our impulses lead us to make liberal dishes and good meals, healthy soups and sweet-smelling breads, soothing puddings and brilliant, profound filled pies. It’s additionally an ideal opportunity for a variety of bubbly events celebrated with nippy evenings around huge fires, diabolical gatherings and Christmas get-togethers.

In Winter Kitchen, the Bake Off group shares more than 130 motivational plans to keep you warm on chilly days and dim nights. Heat amazing breads and mouth-watering cakes and serve them with custom made chutneys, jelly and sticks. Attempt our plans for show-halting Sunday broils and moderate cooked stews just as fast, shrewd work day suppers, from risottos to winter plates of mixed greens, that are ideal for imparting to loved ones.

About the Author
Linda Collister is the author of many cookbooks, including Brownies, Cooking with Kids, Country Breads of the World, and Sensational Sauces.
It might not be quite Halloween here in Vermont, but it has been cold and rainy for days. Most of the leaves are on the ground, it is still dark at 7 am, the heat is on and the occasional snowflake drifts by. I cook differently in this type of weather than I do in high summer – more stews and soups and many more meals that require the oven to be turned on, a welcome extra source of warmth. One of my favorite sources of inspiration is  The Great British Bake Off: Winter Kitchen . I must admit, though, that I’ve had a couple of giggles reading through some of the reviews that have been left here, so let me correct a couple of misconceptions:First , The Great British Bake Off: Winter Kitchen , while it comes from the people involved in the Great British Bake Off, is not a book of strictly baking in the American sense. Our British cousins consider just about anything that you cook in the oven to be “baking”, along with the various steamed puddings that are done on the stove top. And do note the name – Winter Kitchen, as in things that are seasonal and appropriate to cook in winter. So, while most of the recipes are cooked in the oven, you’ll also find some soups, stews and a few jams and relishes that you can put up with winter ingredients. My second big giggle came from the comment that only a few of the recipes contained in  The Great British Bake Off: Winter Kitchen  are “British.” Not so very long ago the British Empire, of which we, too, were once a part, ruled Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the entire Indian Subcontinent, most of the Middle East (including Israel, Jordan, Egypt, the Suez Canal and more), Cyprus, Crete plus a huge swath of Africa (Kenya and more), the British East Indies (Caribbean), Hong Kong, Singapore, a colony or two in mainland China and – oh, yes – the Falkland Islands off the coast of Argentina. Everywhere that the British Empire went, people came back to Britain with new tastes, new ingredients and new twists on favorite recipes. So yes, you will absolutely find influences from literally everywhere in the world in British cooking, just as you do in American cooking. You’ll find an excellent recipe for Coq Au Vin and another that calls for Madeira. The British have been importing wine and using it in their cooking for hundreds of years – along with just about every other ingredient you can think of. –Grandma

Already used it! Book was in good condition and arrived swiftly. It was as advertised. Thanks –The Vole 

When it’s time to cosy up then this is the cookbook to go to. –Little Miss Buyer

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