The Curry Guy Bible: Recreate Over 200 Indian Restaurant and Takeaway Classics at Home

The Curry Guy Bible: Recreate Over 200 Indian Restaurant and Takeaway Classics at Home

The Curry Guy Bible: Recreate Over 200 Indian Restaurant and Takeaway Classics at Home

The Curry Guy Bible unites 200 of Dan Toombs’ exemplary dishes, created over twenty years of eating his way around Indian eateries, takeaways and food slows down. Aficionados of The Curry Guy love his plans – on the grounds that they *really* work, tasting much the same as your curryhouse top picks. Interestingly Dan offers 150 of his most well known plans in a single spot, everything from Chicken Tikka Masala to Lamb Rogan Josh, Saag Paneer to Vegetable Samosas, Tandoori King Prawns to Shawarma Kebabs. Additionally there are 50 fresh out of the plastic new, divine plans that you will not discover elsewhere. Here are largely the starters, sides, curries, flame broils, breads, chutneys and rice dishes you will at any point need, including some energizing new veggie choices. With a manual for fundamental fixings and straightforward cooking tips all through, The Curry Guy Bible is the lone curry cookbook you will at any point need.

About the Author:
Dan Toombs (aka The Curry Guy) has perfected the art of replicating British Indian Restaurant (BIR) cooking after travelling around the UK, sampling dishes, learning the curry house kitchen secrets and refining those recipes at home. In other words, Dan makes homemade curries that taste just like a takeaway from your favourite local but in less time and for less money. Dan has learnt through the comments left on his blog and social media feeds that people are terribly let down when they make a chicken korma or a prawn bhuna from other cookbooks and it taste nothing like the dish they experience when they visit a curry house…but they thank him for getting it right.
His latest book “The Curry Guy” shows all BIR food lovers around the world how to make their favourite dishes at home. Each of the classic curry sauces are given, including tikka masala, korma, dopiazza, pasanda, madras, dhansak, rogan josh, vindaloo, karai, jalfrezi, bhuna and keema. Popular vegetable and sides dishes are there as accompaniments, aloo gobi, saag aloo and tarka dhal, plus samosas, pakoras, bhaji, and pickles, chutneys and raitas. Of course, no curry is complete without rice or naan. Dan shows you how to cook perfect pilau rice or soft pillowy naan every time.
After having a curry house curry one night and then having a supermarket one the next day I was stunned by how bad the supermarket one was and this encouraged me to make my own from scratch to try and compromise. By luck I stumbled upon one of Dan’s YouTube videos showing a chicken madras recipe and when I tried it it was absolutely fantastic!!. Because of this I brought his bible and I couldn’t be happier with it! Now I have a nice little stock of spices I can try something new anytime I like. My bible sits permanently open on stand in my kitchen and I’m munching one of these fabulous curries a couple of times a week. The book itself is great quality, lots of glossy pages with lots of inspiring mouthwatering photos of the dishes so you know what to expect. You’ll never be short of ideas with this baby on the shelf. Nice work. –Chris Bryant

I have a good few books on cooking Curry…..but Curry Guy has been the go to for a while now. Just love making the component parts, base, stock etc. I have already made the Pork Vindaloo and for the family tonight the Korma from this latest book – quite a difference in terms of heat! Just love the recipes and the love that has gone into sharing them with all of us. Many thanks, this one will be serving me well for many a year to come! –Codexy 

Like books? Like curry? You’re going to love this. It’s a book full of curry recipes. Amazing! Now the recipes in this book, if followed correctly will have you eating a meal you would expect from a good Indian restaurant. I tell you what, they are really good. At first it was a little intimidating reading through the recipes and realising you have to make a base sauce and a stock and different pasts and spice blends but when you have some big batches made up and in the freezer you can knock up a curry pretty quickly. The onion bhaji’s you make from this book are amazing. Better than our local restaurant. The house does wiff of fried onions for a while but its worth it. We are saving a fair bit of cash at the moment as we love a weekly curry and now our take aways have been replaced with a home made and no one is noticing a difference in taste and quality. Buy it, you won’t regret it. Its the only bible you need. –Parsnipman 

Download Cooking Ebook The Curry Guy Bible: Recreate Over 200 Indian Restaurant and Takeaway Classics at Home | 87 Mb | Pages 352 | EPUB | 2020

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